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Above is my GTO. A 1968 w/400, automatic (dual gate shifter) and an electric top
with reverb on the radio. Notice the optional touring lights on the front fender.

The Links

If you're looking for someone to talk with about the 74. Exchanged pictures, idea's talk about parts availability etc... then contact Bill at he wants to hear from any/all 74 GTO owners.


Here are more club chapters of the GTOAA

Cactusgto - Arizona St. Louis Heart of Illinois Land of Lakes Wichita GTO Club
Southeastern GTO Association Woodward GTO Tigers Indy GTOAA Pontiac Registry Denver Goats
Tidewater G.T.O.S. - VA Southern CAL Sunshine State Garden State - New Jersey Tar Heel Tigers

Some more interesting links

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The infamous Monkee mobile GTO

Monkey Mobile

Monkee mobile - maybe the most famous of all GTO's?

Want the history and a TON of info on the Batmobile? Click the picture.

I know the Batmobile isn't a GTO (Ford Futura)
but I saw both of these at World of Wheels way back when and took a picture.

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